Thursday, April 6, 2006

Biodiversity in action

British otters are lining up to file human rights complaints. Via Political Correctness Watch, courtesy of The Telegraph:

It is Britain's most popular participation sport and crosses the class divide. The four million people who enjoy a quiet afternoon on the river bank are, according to the Government, too white, too male and too middle-aged. The Environment Agency, which protects waterways, has decided to spread the message about coarse and fly fishing to ethnic minorities and women. The agency's 10-year campaign will use money from the 19 million pounds raised each year by the sale of fishing licences, and a leaflet has already been produced covering "10 things you should know about angling". These include: "Angling does not discriminate against gender, race, age or athletic ability", and the "Government is interested in angling in the context of social inclusion in deprived urban areas".

[..] But the proposals, to be set out in a strategy paper, Angling 2015, were condemned as a waste of money. Robin Page, the countryside campaigner, said the money would be better spent on increasing biodiversity in rivers, by, for example, safeguarding otters, kingfishers and native crayfish. "This is an insult to serious conservation. It is utter nonsense - politically correct Britain gone mad," he said. James Frayn, the campaign director for the Taxpayers' Alliance, called the plans bizarre and asked: "What is the Government doing, trying to socially engineer who goes fishing? They should be looking to save money, not spend it on projects like this."
HT: John the Mad