Thursday, April 20, 2006

And after all, you may need a new cornea cheap some day

FR poster:

[I]t wasn't her turn to speak, I think Hu or Bush were speaking. This is kind of like the professor taking up the anti-abortion materials, and calling it free speech. Maybe we could say that arresting the screaming woman is Bush's exercise of free speech indicating his disagreement with her.
(Not representative of general opinion on the mighty FR)

"You... don't know what words mean, do you?"

Arresting her is one thing, and necessary provided that "days are numbered" is an accurate translation. But it will be... icky... Elian Gonzalez icky... if they charge her.

Hurray for Wenyi Wang, for stealing the floor from Hu Jintao and George Bush and peacefully hijacking their teleprompter session with CNN filming.

O, what Reagan might have done with that whole scene, instead of standing there dumbly like a Bush. Sigh.


Pietr said...

I disagree that her statement warranted arrest.
She merely wished the Chinese Fascists dead, which is quite alright.
As I understand it, she said "The evil die young.You will die young."

Arresting her was criminal.

Mike said...

I'd expect the security guards to remove someone from a Wednesday afternoon shopping mall in the middle of nowhere if that person started yelling at someone that he would die young.

Diplomats can't tolerate death curses against honoured visitors.

It's not my place to criticize her, so in all humility, I wish she hadn't said that, so we would have seen what would have happened to her absent the death stuff.

Mike said...

That makes more sense as "criticize her, but in all"...

Pietr said...
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Pietr said...

Try again,this time without typos.
Diplomats should not 'honour' mass-murdering tyrants.