Friday, April 14, 2006

Alphabetical order not fair

I was a victim of discrimination from the day I entered public school. The unfortunate occasion of my surname starting with a letter later in the alphabet was a constant source of anxiety. I might be called upon first, but maybe last, depending on the cultural sensitivity of the instructor.

The oppression continues into my adult life. The London Fog is on the list of "Backbenchers" on Mitchieville's sidebar and we are at the bottom of the list because the Mayor has decided to conform to an entrenched discriminatory system of organization.

I'm filing yet another human rights grievance with Mitchieville.

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Underscribe Ik said...

Thank you for your application for a Human Rights Complaint kit.

Your kit, which includes the following:

1) Human Rights in Mitchieville (Brochure)

2) Human Rights Pre-Complaints Request for Translator and/or Witch Doctor (Booklet and Application Form)

3) Human Rights Complaints Ombudsman Programme in Mitchieville (Brochure)

4) Safe Injection Sites Map and Guide for Toronto

5) Safe Sex Practices Informative Comic Book for Ebonic and Amphibian Speakers

Just fill out the form, questionare, quiz, and crossword.

If you have any questions, you can call us collect or post a question to the Mitchieville Human Rights Bulletin Board.

I care.