Thursday, March 30, 2006

Your hard earned dollars at work in London Ontario

A London park was filled with raw sewage after a city worker drilled a hole into one of the city's largest sewage pipes while working on the 3.9 million dollar traffic-light synchronization program.

City workers replaced sewage-soaked soil from a London park yesterday in the cleanup after a contractor drilled open a sewer line.

More than 136,000 litres of the foul-smelling liquid spilled from a four-inch diameter hole drilled into one of the main sewer lines flowing into the Greenway Pollution Control plant Wednesday.

A contractor working for the city, not London Hydro as first reported, was installing underground wiring as part of the city’s traffic-light synchronization program when the sewage started to flow around 9 a.m.

“We’re still investigating the circumstances around what happened,” said Dave Leckie, the city’s director of roads and transportation.

Leckie said he understands the contractor obtained information about the location of various underground pipes before drilling.

“But I don’t know if the information they received was inaccurate, or if their machine went awry or what.”

Estimates on the cost of the cleanup won’t be known for at least a week, Leckie said.

[..] The sewer line — one of the city’s largest, at about 1.2 metres across — runs only 1.2 metres below the road, staff said.


doughboy said...

The moral of the story is that the city's traffic light synchronization strategy is crap.

According to city staff whom I've talked to, this glorious new system is the reason that pedestrians are being given the shaft (duration of walk signals).

And, lets not ignore the fact that speeding up traffic flow with synchronized lights, widening roads, etc. will only encourage even more cars.

So much for the Transportation Master Plan! ;(

Pietr said...

As an engineer, I would consider it a matter of essential basic competence to be aware of the existence of other infrastructure in the vicinity of my project.

Fortunately, the Canadian Professional Engineer regulations have rendered all that unnecessary.

Homer Simpson, P.Eng.?

Honey Pot said...

You have to know our city hall Sorehead. It is all a nepotism, buddy-buddy sort of thing down there. No one cares if anyone is capable of doing the job, it is enough to just keep the looney relatives well paid and happy.

They do some sort of an internal audit down there every fifty years or so. By then the main players are usually all dead, so no one is ever held accountable.