Friday, March 3, 2006

A vegetarian speaks out

I don't eat beef, chicken or fish, but
I don't support PETA. It upsets me to think of cute animal's brains being bashed in to make coats, but animals are not human beings. Free the cows, save the universe.

Your dollar is the ultimate indicator of your preference.

Murarry Rothbard, chapter 21 from "The Ethics of Liberty":

It is more than a jest to point out that animals, after all, don’t respect the “rights” of other animals; it is the condition of the world, and of all natural species, that they live by eating other species. Inter-species survival is a matter of tooth and claw. It would surely be absurd to say that the wolf is “evil” because he exists by devouring and “aggressing against” lambs, chickens, etc. The wolf is not an evil being who “aggresses against” other species; he is simply following the natural law of his own survival. Similarly for man. It is just as absurd to say that men “aggress against” cows and wolves as to say that wolves “aggress against” sheep. If, furthermore, a wolf attacks a man and the man kills him, it would be absurd to say either that the wolf was an “evil aggressor” or that the wolf was being “punished” for his “crime.” And yet such would be the implications of extending a natural-rights ethic to animals. Any concept of rights, of criminality, of aggression, can only apply to actions of one man or group of men against other human beings.
Darcey of Dust My Broom covers the McCartney's excursion into the wilderness.


Mike said...

"Why are you so against the seal hunt being stopped?" a clearly exasperated Mills McCartney asked the premier.

"Why don't you want that to happen? Why don't you want peace talks and end this war against animals?"

Premier Danny Williams is George Bush and the seals are helpless Iraqi civilians.

Or, I mean, Danny Williams is the evil right wing Republican president LBJ and the seals are the enviromentally friendly, gay-loving North Vietnamese Army.

Or, wait, Danny Williams is the mayor of the town who wants to tear down the orphanage, so the orphans get together and form a rock band to have a benefit concert for the orphanage, except the mayor is a right wing Christian who doesn't like rock and roll and is prejudiced against the black bass player. And the seals are the hopes and dreams of the oppressed of the earth.

The 1960s rotted the brains of everyone it touched.

Anonymous said...

I Love Animals! They're Delicious!

Pietr said...

What have animals ever done for us?
Kill the bastards!

Honey Pot said...

They are dam cute, but they eat the fish stocks. It is hard for people who never worked a day in their life to understand the need and theory of sustaining a 1000 year old livelyhood. I think the Newfie premier gave them a run for their money. Basically he told them to take their ten thousand dollar facelifts, and their rolex watches, and fuck off.

Anonymous said...

I, who work for 50 weeks a year, in an livelihood which for all I care could go back only 3 days before I started working in it, am very happy to invite the people who only work 10 weeks a year in their 1000 year old livelihood, and who sponge off their fellow countrymen for the rest of the year, to join Sir Paul in whatever place he decides to fuck-off to.

And I couldn't help noticing that the politicians telling the rockstars to fuck off, allegedly in the interest of defending the poor, downtrodden fisherfolk, often seem to also be enjoying the benefits of a remarkable large budget for hair styling, cosmetic surgery, clothing, and jewellery. I hope that someday soon they will also be enjoying a nice, thick fuck-off sandwich along with the busybody rockstars and self-righteous parasite welfare bums who all think they know where my money should be spent.

Honey Pot said...

Anonymous! I hope you are not suggesting there be a cull on Newfie's? Give your head a shake boy. There wouldn't be a school, hospital, bridge or highway built in all Canada if that came to be.. They would have to shut down the province of Alberta, and stop the building of the pipelines. Someone got to do the hard laborious work to keep a country going. It might as well be the Newfie's, they tend wine less about working for a living.

Jake said...

"Any concept of rights, of criminality, of aggression, can only apply to actions of one man or group of men against other human beings."

Everything was making sense right up to this sentence. The whole point of the passage is that nature knows no ethics. Fine. But if we as humans want to use nature as our guide for treating other animals, then I can't figure out why we wouldn't treat humans the same way, which means murder and a whole lot of other things is okay. On the other hand, if we reject nature as our guide and want to establish some sort of ethics for how we treat other humans, I don't see why we'd go back to nature for how we treat other animals. The whole point of being a human is that we no longer accept the law of the jungle, we use reason and ethics to guide our decisions. So why would we abandon reason and ethics when we decide whether to hurt or kill animals?

Pietr said...

Because we aren't animals.
We're humans.
And that means we know what we are.
And what they are.
And what the difference is.
Even in pre-history, arrows and spears had different heads for hunting and fighting;hence the term 'warhead'.