Thursday, March 23, 2006

This is breaking news?

That's what it's filed under in the London Free Press:

Most Londoners don’t feel safe downtown at night, according to a police department survey released Thursday.

[…] “The majority of respondents feel safe in most places, however, in downtown at night, only 30 per cent feel safe,” police planning analyst Joan Atchison told the police services board Thursday.

A survey done in 2002 showed 27 per cent felt safe.

“At least I know there is some improvement,” Mayor Ann Marie DeCicco said.
This is the summit of intellectual perception and acuity in the service of public whitewashing from our mayor. Three per cent in four years… hmmmm… well done, city of London! Ever hear of margins of error and confidence levels, Ms. Mayor?

Just below the summit:
DeCicco suggested public perception of the downtown was tainted by media reports of violence.
No, public perception of the downtown is guided by the violence itself… and the beggars, boarded up shops, loutish swaggering and aimless youth, trash, drug addicts, grubbiness…


Honey Pot said...

Take this pill and get your ass back to Mars Anne Marie.

I like Richmond Row, lots of neat things there. I wonder why it is only one street downtown that is worth the trouble of going down there for. I just love that William's coffee shop by Victoria park.

How does that happen? Take the Old East area, Adelaide and Dundas, which has went to rot, and the older East area, Hamilton Rd and Adelade. Same social-economic demographics, basically the same old buildings and grids. Hamilton Rd is thriving with tons of little shops that are very interesting. The only difference I can see is that Hamitlon Rd has a very diverse community. Many hard working first, and second generation immigrants who seem to be able to turn a buck. It is just one of those community's that won't tolerate crap, handle it in a very walk softly and carry a big stick discreet sort of way.

basil said...

I thought London was attempting to create the image of a major city.