Thursday, March 30, 2006

Syed Soharwardy: Thug Life

Gee, who would have ever thought that human rights commissions would be used by totalitarians to intimidate their political enemies? Well, apart from anyone with any familiarity with history and an appreciation for the arguments for the rule of law, that is. Human rights commissions operate outside of the court system, respect no traditional reason-based rules of evidence, and judge scientifically non-investigable matters such as hurt feelings and offended sensibilities. These third-world style troikas are tailor made for cretins who have no respect for other people's consciences and want the police to judge disputes about what kind of art is offensive to fictional characters.

The particular totalitarian ignoramus you see above is Imam Syed Soharwardy of Calgary, who has applied to the Albert Human Rights Commission to punish the Western Standard. From publisher Ezra Levant:

He asked the police to arrest me for publishing the cartoons. They calmly explained to him that’s not what police in Canada do.

So then he went to a far less liberal institution than the police: the Alberta Human Rights Commission. Unlike the Calgary Police Service, they didn’t have the common sense to show him the door.

Earlier this month, I received a copy of Soharwardy’s rambling, hand-scrawled complaint. It is truly an embarrassing document. He briefly complains that we published the Danish cartoons. But the bulk of his complaint is that we dared to try to justify it - that we dared to disagree with him.
Wait until "Silence!" Syed finds out that women are allowed to drive here.


PGP said...

You know...I've been stewing over this all day and really don't get it.
First- The HRC has no jusrisdiction to enforce any decision on a complaint
Second- Levant connot be sued through the commission

So what's up?

Now I really think that this islamofascist Soharwardy is just a complete piece of shit and that the HRC is a worthless bunch of scold who need to be sent home. BUT... Levant has started sounding just a little too much like a VICTIM if you get what I mean.

He came into this looking for a fight and even if it's a stupid nasty little mud slinging tossup he needs to show some balls and go after the creeps hard.

I'll support Ezra but he had better make it clear that he is going to be giving it all he's got.

PGP said...

One more thing..not meaning to be a hog on the blog but a sort of related item

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Freedom Fan said...

Excellent! A bit coarse but concise and delightful. The irony is that Cros-Syed Cowardly is desperately trying to avoid criticism but the result, of his attempting censorship, is for him to become the target of scorn and ridicule throughout the blogosphere. BYW your article bounced to the top of a Google search on "Syed Soharwardy".