Monday, March 27, 2006

A sunny Sunday morning in London Ontario

Yesterday morning, a 78 year old man out for a morning walk in a quiet neighbourhood in the Pond Mills and Commissioners roads area, was bashed in the head with a basebat bat by an attacker apparently after his wallet.


. . . the vicious robbery of a 78-year-old man has London police roping off part of a shocked south-end neighbourhood, where blood-stained concrete and a black jacket were left behind by the hospitalized victim.

[..] The pretty neighbourhood is a complex mix of winding roads and cul-de-sacs.

[..] In what Sgt. Mike Eagen called a "bizarre incident," the elderly man was strolling down a quiet residential street at 8 a.m. yesterday when he was attacked and his wallet stolen.

"It appeared to me that he was out for a walk," Eagen said, adding witnesses saw a bat-wielding man leaving the scene.

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Anonymous said...

My father was in intensive care at the same time as this poor gentleman and my mother, sister and I were able to meet and see the pain that this dipicable act has caused. This senseless act has disrupted their entire family. What a lovely family, and the mother was so, so caring and dear. They are going through alot and I cant even come close to relating to their anguish. If by chance someone in their family reads this, my family and I send our love and prayers out daily to you all, esspecially your father/husband. Take care of one another.