Saturday, March 18, 2006

Suited for subversion

Why isn't he wearing pants?

Suited for Subversion is a project to create a suit that protects the wearer at large-scale street protests. The suit also monitors the wearer's pulse and projects an amplified heartbeat out of a speaker in the chest of the suit.

I designed and fabricated the first prototype of the suit as part of my Masters Degree in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University. The project draws on my work as an activist involved in street demonstrations in New York, and is influenced by the work of other activists and demonstrators who wear protective clothing and make creative use of tools and technologies for protest.
Likely, he is receiving government funding for his studies.

HT: Bloq Quebecois


Pietr said...

It's clear that what he is after is uniformity.
By this means he hopes to make a whole pile of money without being obvious, so that he can become one of these mysterious people who possess a 'lifestyle' without necessarily working for it.
Protests forever, with Stalin-like patronisation of his juniors, while all the time bringing 'street protests' into the respectability associated with Guilds; eventually street protestors would be licensed professionals, given government permission to look stupid and the sanction of officialdom to throw their public tantrums.

basil said...

Is it bullet proof?

Honey Pot said...

Is that suppose to be a twat?

MapMaster said...

I think that's exactly what it is.