Monday, March 13, 2006

Spirit of the week

Beer is a gateway drug. The beer of the week is now spirit of the week.


Pietr said...

I'd declare total war, on the Publican.
Now a beer is a pint of dreams for a couple of bucks, but the Publican....
Isn't that some sort of awful Froggy concoction that rots the gut and the brain?
I need another drink.

Gordon Pasha said...

Ah, yes, froggy it is. But so, so good. Nothing puts one in the mood for a 3 hour meal quite like a Pastis, or Pernod, or two. Damn, i spilled it.

Pietr said...

Always liked a Strega myself.
Particularly after a solid starter and a massive,tomato-filled main course, when my stomach is already groaning but I just have to make room for a fat bowl of Tiramisu.
(Yes, I do know a good Italian restaurant near me.)
Thing is I always get the urge to run away afterwards.But I usually surrender to the urge to eat.