Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Scott Burgess of the Daily Ablution on cheating:

What has brought about the moral change in question is precisely this attitude: that immoral actions are no longer the responsibility of the individual concerned, who is perceived as an innocent let down by the system's deficiencies - deficiencies which can be corrected by social expenditure of resources.

This philosophical position, a mainstay of the academic left, is also prevalent among left-leaners in general; working together, such groups and individuals have largely succeeded in the creation of a society based on the principle of individual blamelessness.

This isn't to say that blame isn't freely assigned, of course. It's just that it's institutions (government, corporations, even society itself) that are generally held culpable. Individuals are invariably seen as victims of these greater institutions or their failures; hence, money must be spent on "reform" - changes to those systems, of course to be made along the lines suggested by those who've identified the problem (namely, the academic left). This reform will be financed by "the people" for whom leftists so often claim to speak…

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Pietr said...

In order to carry the fight back to it's original sponsors, I suggest erecting a large statue, by private subscription, of Sydney Reilly.

In Moscow.