Sunday, March 12, 2006

Save the Consomol!

Stand up for the time-tested, common sense, conservative approach to strengthening families: making sure they all get signed up for entitlements! Throughout our nation's history, nothing has promoted independence, dignity, and a healthy attitude towards life quite so well as receiving a government cheque. As Canadians, we signify our most cherished values by shovelling other peoples' money at them.

This practice is referred to as "choice" in Consomol slogans, because "choices" are those things you make when you're spending your entitlement.

Yeah it's the Conservative Party of Canada. What, did you think the Toronto Raptors were basketball-playing dinosaurs?


Pietr said...

Looking at the misapplications of wrong lessons badly learned from the English Conservative idiom, the Canadians are probably trying to reintroduce the nudge-word slogan of 'choice'(from the eighties), without frightening the little rabbits; so they are making it out to be 'government choice', 'officially sanctioned choice' that the rabbits can feel comfortable with-everybody receives, nobody escapes.
For you, Tommy, the ideological war is over.

Anonymous said...

But this is a real choice - the choice between the government spending other people's money on you, versus being given other people's money to spend for yourself.

The eternal decision that socialist governments face is whether to redistribute wealth "efficiently" (just cut the cheque!), or "fairly" (build gigantic government departments to define, measure, count, control, etc. the expenditures). You will notice that Conservatives spent the last year or so boasting about how "fairly" they will distribute wealth (by endlessly harping on how they will make new spending rules, hire more auditors, blah-di-blah-blah), but when faced with their very first policy implementation, they actually prefer the "efficient" method.

Either way, we're screwed.