Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Red Green Show

Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty recently described David Suzuki, the man who wrote

We must aim, not for zero growth as Paul Ehrlich advocated a few years ago, but for negative growth
as his "childhood idol," according to the Canadian Press. This may come as a surprise to a large part of the Ontario electorate who had guilelessly imagined that their government would be the caretaker of economic prosperity, but it is not to be wondered at, really, as the policies of most governments, and in particular McGuinty's Liberal government, have been largely aimed at obstructing economic growth, more or less inadvertently. As a leading player in Canada's party of cynicism, however, McGuinty only cherrypicks from Suzuki's stone age pieties — the parts advocating top-down social engineering by the state for political agendas. So Suzuki sees green and McGuinty sees red — as a citizen, I'll just split the difference and call it shit-brown.

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Mike said...

You misspelled "shirt".