Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Red Ensign Standard no.38

Keith at Minority of One, a former resident of Southwestern Ontario himself, has hoisted the Red Ensign Standard no.38. Check out the best of the best of the past two weeks from that diverse group of bloggers who fly versions of the historical flag of Canada — the Red Ensign.

Some Red Ensign bloggers may be conservative, others may be Conservative (as in political party affiliation), libertarian, continentalist, nationalist, royalist, republican, anglospherist, or some or none of the above. I do not think I would be amiss to state that all of them are lovers of freedom, respect of the individual, and good old common sense. We also love this land, on the cold, northern margins of North America, and we want it to be the nation that we can be proud of and that other peoples will regard with respect, not envy.

This land is gifted. It is terribly rich in just about everthing that a people would need or could want. We can live on it, and grow lazy and self-satisfied, and progressively abandon our freedoms and responsibilities to layer upon layer of bloated, arrogant government. Or, as millions of citizens, we can work to make something bigger and better of it.