Thursday, March 23, 2006

Possibly the most important 7-11 in the world

It can't be a good sign when the aspirations of London's east end economy are dependent on a 7-Eleven! But low expectations for the east end are the going return on the area's long-term investment in dependence.

London's Old East Village Business Improvement Area is worried the closing of a 7-Eleven gas bar and variety store at Dundas and Quebec streets could be a major setback in the area's revitalization efforts.

Yesterday, the group asked board of control and council for help to ensure the site, owned by Imperial Oil, is cleaned up and sold as soon as possible.
Who do they think runs these stores? The barbiturates of central economic command thinking have put the east end right to bed.


Honey Pot said...

They have to make it look like they are doing something. Considering their mandate is about 413 feet on Dundas St. from Adelaide to Elizabeth, and there isn't a viable business in that stretch for them to watch over. Except of course if you consider soup kitchens, and homeless shelters business. They have diddly squat to advertise on their website. It appears the main thrust of their jobs is to keep up with deleting business from their website. That, and getting government grants for wealthy slum landlords to fix up their dumps. Another one of those pretend muninciple sub-committee's that make you go WTF.

It seems strange the 7-11 would give up that spot. Pretty busy 7-11. Rumor had it last year the WFA (not to be confused with what-the- fuck), was eyeballing properties on Quebec and Dundas for a casino hotel. Now that would make sense. You got to know the oevbia, they will be protesting that also, saying it is bringing too much traffic into the area. That area on Dundas St is doomed, unless someone with some smarts can start negotiating with the Western Fair Association to buy up all those overpriced dumps. The WFA have more money than Jesus, lots of ways to negotiate with them into becoming good neighbours.

bonnie abzug said...

Not that it matters much to the readers here (other than to Honey Wagon, who has spent most of the past ten years trash-talking this particular neighbourhood) but, as it has been explained to me, Imperial Oil refused to renew the lease. This was a very profitable site for 7-11. But, then, at the prices they charge, every site must be very profitable.

The concern of the BIA is not that 7-11 is leaving (other than perhaps losing the postal outlet), or that Imperial Oil may have plans to develop their branded gas and variety store here. Imperial Oil is well within their rights to do either. The concern, as I understand it, is that they will do nothing and let the property sit vacant and derelict. Which I don't think will happen, by the way. This particular 7-11 had the highest gross sales in the city.

Honey Wagon talks about a rumour that the Western Fair Association was looking to buy up properties in the vicinity for a casino hotel. What she fails to mention was that the rumour was started by a close friend of hers who was trying to sell his home there and thought that this rumour might make it easier to sell.

basil said...

there isn't a viable business in that stretch for them to watch over
I don't know how profitable a business it is, but I highly recommend dinner at the African restaurant a couple doors west of the 7-11.

bonnie abzug said...

And the Vietnamese restaurant down the road a stretch isn't too shabby either. Or the Thai restaurant up the road a stretch. Or the bicycle shops, including the new Champion store. And I don't think the EMAC recording studio is suffering too much. And the Aeolian Hall seems to be doing OK.

Honey Pot said...

Oh blubbering Bonnie, get out of town. The business corridor on that stretch is dead or dying with any legit business who can, getting to hell out of there, thanks to the hard work of the oevbia.

I find it so comical that they pull out the Aeolian hall every month as their prize endeavour. Forgetting to mention Clarky having to chase prostitutes out of his joint with a baseball bat on a daily basis. Nothing quite as amusing as watching the top hats careen between crack addicts, and ho's on their way into listen to chamber pot music.

The Vietnamese restaurant is like really stretching it don't you think? It is no where close to the area the oevbia is suppose to be lording over.

Basil, the African restaurant is not under the loving watch of the oevbia, nor do they want to be.

The few business that are doing ok are nowhere near the destructive force of the oevbia, or they would be tits up also.

If any one had any business sense on that corridor, they would be tarring and feathering the oevbia snd sending them out of town on a railroad car.

I don't imagine Imperial oil gives a fiddler's fuck what oevbia has to say. I can see them now pissing their pants laughing at that incompetent bunch of silly muppets.

Face it, the oevbia can't even look after that tiny bit of turf they are suppose to be promoting. I can see the petition now the oevbia will be putting out. We the undersigned want you nasty rich oil people to clean up that site, so it is fit for us to open a safe injection site, and another soup kitchen for our poor unfortunate meal tickets.

Mike said...


I highly recommend dinner at the African restaurant a couple doors west of the 7-11.


And the Vietnamese restaurant down the road a stretch isn't too shabby either. Or the Thai restaurant up the road a stretch

Excellent recommendations IMO. The African Restaurant, the Vietnam Restaurant, and Thai Taste are all just way too delicious for the prices they charge.

bonnie abzug said...

Honey Wagon claims that I "[f]org[ot] to mention Clarky having to chase prostitutes out of his joint with a baseball bat on a daily basis. Not wanting to run the risk of calling Honey Wagon a liar - and a damned liar at that - without doing some minimal due diligence, I decided to call "Clarky" and ask about this. He says it has never happened. Not once. Ever.

And so, dear Honey Wagon ... you're a damned liar.

Honey Pot said...

Blubbering Bonnie, cut the Scarlett O'hara act. Put away that hooka and take a gander at what is going on in the east endr. You couldn't swing a politician down London East without taking out a half a dozen prostitutes.

It happened, I was there, and had such a good chuckle.

Oh yeah I forgot, you are one of the people that blame the media, and certain people,(not mentioning any names) for relaying the reality of what is going on in the east end.

basil said...

I, in no way, would suggest any business improvement organization should oversee "improvement" at the African restaurant, or any other business in that end. The African does not need improving that I can see - it specializes in producing a quality product without the colourful bells and whistles (elaborate interior design and/or large breasted wenches schmoozing for tips) which appeal to the sorts of people who drive from their homes in the east end to eat at reastaurants at strip malls like East Side Mario's and those sort of places (which specialize in marketing and spend foolish amounts of money on advertising and interior design while serving generic food). I suspect an "improvement" organization would expect co-operation in their group-think projects and get bitter if locals refused to participate in costly beautification/business improvement/marketing projects. The fact that these modest businesses find a niche on their own speaks for itself.

Pietr said...

Tell me again about the large breasted wenches.
I liked that bit.

Honey Pot said...

Mercy me Bonnie, I was just down checking out all the exciting new stores on Dundas Street between Adelaide and English, and I happened to notice a few are MIA. Do you know where the bia hid the Connoisseur Consignments and the Guildhouse Gallery?