Thursday, March 2, 2006

Nye boltaj!

Didn't you know that Zionists assassinated the prime minister of Britain? Then you must never have taken high school geography with Jay Bennish. The only-too-well-programmed Colorado high school teacher is on paid leave, taking a well deserved break from the classroom after a fed-up student recorded a session of Grade 10 geography and sent the tape to a radio station. (HT Michelle Malkin and the Michael Medved show).

Malkin made a transcript, but you really do need to hear this psycho teacher's tone of voice to appreciate it. (Thanks to LGF for the MP3). He sounds like a cross between David Koresh (PBUH) and an unhinged jock phys-ed teacher who has just slammed the office door and is laying down the law about how you better start taking phys ed seriously, and how it's about time you actually try to play the stupid games instead of rolling your eyes and reading books, pal. Achtung for the words of Jay Bennish!

Teacher Jay Bennish: Who is probably the single most violent nation on planet Earth?!

Unidentified brainwashed student interjects: We are.

Bennish: The United States of America!


Now, I'm not saying that Bush and Hitler are exactly the same. Obviously, they are not. Ok. But there are some eerie similarities to the tones that they use. Very, very "ethnocentric." We're right. You're all wrong.
You have to hear it! Such fiercely declamatory proclamation of purest supine moral relativism! And if justice and injustice is just a matter of perception, then why on earth is teacher so upset?
The children rustled, watching her, wondering what possessed her. They saw not the gray hair and the old eyes and the lined face and the well-worn clothes. They saw only their teacher and the twisting of her hands. Johnny looked away from the door and watched with the other children. He did not understand anything except that the teacher was afraid, and because she was afraid she was making them all worse and he wanted to shout that there was no need to fear.

The Children's Story, James Clavell


iAmerican said...

Any true American who watches the above, free video will recognize the fact that Bush committed 9/11 the same as his grandfather's client, Adolf Hitler(Google "Prescott Thyssen Auschwitz"), committed the Reichstag Fire.

Inarguably, Bush is Hitler-redux.

Schoolteacher Jay Bennish is simply putting forward thoughts that any who claim spiritual descent from the Jeffersonian Whig Founders of the United States of America should have been realizing right after they heard GHW Bush's public statement confirming his "inability" to recall his whereabouts upon hearing of President Kennedy's assassination: W's only "qualification" for office.

Death for Treason

Mike said...

9/11 conspiracy scenarios make me think that someone has watched a few too many of those complicated newfangled movies where everybody is evil and there's a surprise twist that turns the whole thing upside down. GIGO.