Thursday, March 9, 2006

In chains for a 1000 years

The state had become the master. What had been envisioned as national in form had become national in content; it had become the essence. And the socialist element, which had been envisaged as the content, had been forced out, reduced to mere phraseology, mere external form, a shell. And it was with tragic clarity that the sacred law of all life defined itself: freedom of the individual human being is higher than anything else, and there is no goal, no purpose in the world, for which it may be sacrificed.

Vasily Grossman - from Forever Flowing

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Pietr said...

According to the UK papers, there is a new film to be premiered on November 5th in England(the anniversary of Guy Falkes).
In it, there is a popular uprising, and the Houses of Parliament are blown up.
Should be hilarious,that's one new British film I must see.