Sunday, March 26, 2006

Illegal immigration and price controls

The debate on the fate of the illegal Portuguese immigrants cuts typically and neatly along left-right political divides, with the left rationalizing objectives through unrelated means for the sake of victimhood advocacy and the right frequently neglecting the premises and rationality that inform the respect for law and order that is often reflexively invoked. Publius of Gods of the Copybook Headings considers what has brought about the situation in the first place, in Canada and among the immigrants, and casts his verdict — against central planning: Throw the Bums Out.

As with the price controls mentioned earlier, the state has declared that it knows best, and proceeded to create a large problem. When the market has found a way around this problem the state has imposed an arbitrary constraint. When hard working and morally decent people subvert this constraint they are punished with a rigour that should be reserved for genuine criminals, but so rarely is. If a law is to mean anything it must be enforced and done so equally, this does not, however, stop the law from being an ass. It also does not diminish the necessity of the law's reform or abolition.

The first duty of the state, it's only real duty in fact, is to protect its citizens from force and fraud. It's immigration policy should reflect such a belief and bar from admittance only those that constitute a genuine threat to public security. When the state plays God in economics, by presuming to know what a national economy needs in terms of its labour supply, or by presuming to dictate its cultural composition by adjusting immigration quotas - from "White Man's Country" to "No Portuguese Need Apply" - it fails for the same reason, and in the same way, as when it presumes to tell us what price a good or service should be sold at.
Read the whole thing here — and as always with Publius' weekly magazine, the rest of his examinations of current subjects are worth the time. And I always enjoy a good swipe at hippies:
Muscular Christianity has always been rather more, shall we say, practical. Yes, it is good and noble to forgive and sacrifice, but evil is evil and it must be fought otherwise good might be destroyed or weakened. Mercy is right and proper, but justice must have its say too. Compassion to the poor and weak is heroic, unless it cripples one's own capacity to live and turns the poor and weak into dependents, doing neither themselves or others any good. Muscular Christianity takes the New Testament with a grain of salt and much common sense. The Hippies, whether among the early Christian communes in Rome and Judea, or their heirs in the Woodstock muck, are far more literalist than the much decried fundamentalists. Modern liberalism isn't a mental disorder, it's Muscular Christianity's half witted bastard nephew. Modern liberalism is a secular degeneration of Hippie Christianity.


Honey Pot said...

This whole immigration thing doesn't make sense. They are begging for workers in Alberta. They have to close down stores and other business because they can't get enough people to work. The immigrants they are deporting back to Portugal have proven themselves to be hard workers, and contributors. Why not just deport them to Alberta. Something wrong with a country that would expel people who are contributors.

MapMaster said...

I wouldn't doubt that Alberta would love not having to be hamstrung by inane Canadian immigration regulations.

Honey Pot said...

What is wrong with this picture?

Raja, a Pakistani national was here on a fundraising vacation, since 1997.... no doubt taking a break from the tedious job of recruiting children as suicide bombers in his own country. Canada gave Raja the blow up doll refugee status.

This is the part I don't get about Canadian immigration. They harbor the likes of Raja Ghulam Mustafa, a guy who is captain of Mujahedin-E-Lashkar-E-Tayyba, or LET, which is funded by Osama bin Laden... you know that al-Qaida guy, and they boot some poor bastard and his family back to Portugal that is working here as a roofer.

Canada truly is the fundraising playground of terrorist.