Thursday, March 9, 2006

Heil Anne Marie

What would us poor vassals do without a leader?!!! *Gasp* If each and every citizen ran for mayor and voted for himself, who would decide what is in the best interests of the community?

Just eight months before the fall civic election, the top jobs appear to be going begging in Southwestern Ontario.

Mayoral races have formed in only two of the region’s communities, with London the most glaring example of the lack of candidates.

Two-term London Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco — angling for a three-peat — still has no challengers, and that’s got some observers fretting about voter turnout.

“Whether it’s me or someone else, there has to be some competition,” lamented Controller Bud Polhill, who remains undecided about taking a run at DeCicco.

“It really hurts voter turnout for the election if there’s no candidates for mayor.”

The city’s longest-serving council member, 24-year veteran Coun. Bernie MacDonald, agreed.

“The biggest thing that sets things off in a municipal election is the mayor’s race,” he said. “When that doesn’t happen, people just don’t get interested in it.”


Anonymous said...

The problem is all of the current council members know in thier hearts they can't beat Her Worship. And considering how much it costs to run for office, they'd be just flushing thier money down the toilet. Honestly, can you see anyone on the scene who can beat Ann Marie, as bad as she is?

Anonymous said...

Hey couch potato internet slobs, get off your asses if you're so much better than inept city council (which I agree is highly inept) and run yourself. Enough with the criticism, time to do something about it.

Pietr said...

Here in darkest Olde Englande, there is little we can do to relieve the suffering in Ontario; but for my part, tomorrow I collect my nomination papers and go signature-hunting, to contest a place on the Council.
I will be a Tory, but not of the tories.
Excellent Smithers.Put another orphan on the fire and pour me a glass of vodka.