Thursday, March 23, 2006

Global Hysteria

The predicted bird flu pandemic is the answer to the destruction of the entire planet from global warming or global cooling. The World Health Organization should do everything within its power to spread the virus. A reduction in the number of people on the planet would necesarily reduce greenhouse gas emissions by humans. Of course, once universal vegetarianism is adopted, the number of sheep and cows will increase as the slaughter houses are barricaded.

Oh! Just what are we to do?


Mike said...

David: He’s dead. This is it. My friends, I’m afraid this is the return of the curse of the creature’s ghost.

John: But how must we stop this creature?!

Bob: It’s not the creature we have to be afraid of ma’am, it’s the creature’s ghost.

David: I think we should be worried more about the return of the curse.

[Suspenseful music and thunderclap.]

Woman: Curse of the creature?

Paul: Curse of the ghost!

[Banging sound]

John: Oh! The ghost has returned with the creature’s curse!

Tom: So, the creature put a curse on the ghost!

[Banging sound]

Bob: Please everyone, we must know what it is we’re supposed to afraid of.

-- Mr Show

MapMaster said...



Mike said...

No, best sketch comedy show ever.

alsocanadian said...

Hey Mike, is that "David" David Suzuki?

Thanks fer the link, Lisa.