Wednesday, March 15, 2006


One of Canada's most original and hilarious bloggers, the Mayor of Mitchieville, says he's calling it quits.

Rumours are swirling that he may be asked to step in to the upcoming mayoral race as a rival to the yet-unopposed Anne Marietoinette.

Hopefully this will be a short break; that website cracks me up every day.

UPDATE: I guess I shouldn't go around stopping strangers on the street and telling them Mitchieville is "the supreme fountainhead of non-bullshit Canadian satire.. dot blogspot dot com... Fenris Badwulf is the first significant figure in Canadian satire of the twenty-first century, blah blah..." without five or six links to classic posts to back it up. However, Basil just called with an invitation to jam and I don't want to tire myself out by laughing, which will happen if I start searching, so for now I leave you with two flashbacks featuring London: