Monday, March 20, 2006

The downside of the freedom to assemble

ZombieTime has pictures from the recent "Children's Festival Of Safely Raging Against The Machine" or whatever this weekend's gathering of Stalinist dupes against Iraqi liberation was called. (HT SDA).

Your eyes do not deceive you; that is indeed a rainbow flag in the background. Also note the scantily-clad female (who can probably read (spit), and no doubt talks back to the men in her family to boot). You can see that the brave supporter of Zarqawi and the Ba'ath party is holding high his sign, trying not to cast his gaze upon these abominations unto Allah, as he risks his life and freedom to get in the face of the pigs who want to force him not to murder them. He will not tire so long as sodomitic filth walk the streets and out-of-control slatterns prance about half-naked. He stands and speaks truth to power in the dictatorship of permissiveness that allows these crimes against nature to go unpunished. There he is at the heart of the beast in perverted, atheistic San Francisco, letting his little light shine.

ZombieTime does not tell us whether the young man lived up to his "anti-war" convictions and suicide-bombed the whore and the homosexuals after the picture was taken. Is that a modified camera serving as a detonator in his right hand?

No, I doubt he found this glorious martyrdom today, but you can tell he knows the Starbucks lineups will be long and the guys from the Worker's World Party always bogart the joints.