Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Devil's Halo

The London Fog would like to thank author Chris Fox for sending us a complimentary copy of his latest book entitled "The Devil's Halo." It just arrived today, so we haven't had an opportunity to read it, but in future one of us will attempt a review.

The author was inspired by his work in Russia and Europe.

"Europe and the United States have already embarked on a dangerous collision course," Fox says. Americans believe that European leaders publicly bash the U.S. while privately relying on its military power. In fact, many Europeans would prefer Russian or China as a military partner for the 21st Century. As NATO allies, they know the Pentagon's vulnerabilities. They have already launched Galileo, an expensive copy of the American GPS system that the U.S. military would not be able to control in a conflict.

"But could such an alliance knock the American Eagle out of the sky? The Devil's Halo reveals one scenario, with unintended consequences for all of us."

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