Friday, March 3, 2006

A Danish Delight

The London Fog's featured beer of the week is Tuborg:

The word lager is derived from the German verb “lagern”, which means: to store. During the late middle ages, before the days of refrigeration, fermentation was a hit-or-miss affair, especially during the hot summer months. To ensure a supply of beer for the summer, brewers in the Bavarian Alps stored kegs of spring brew in icy mountain caves. As the beer slowly aged, the yeast settled, creating a drink that was dark but clear and sparkling with a crisper, more delicate flavour.


Daniel said...

I had 12 liters of the stuff, myself...

Pretty good, though I'm generally not partial to lagers. Also, it's a shame it has to be purchased through the two-thirds foreign oligopoly......

Ah well, I'm not complaining -- it's beer, and it's Danish!


(MM: it's coming, it's coming!)

Daniel said...

Oh, to clarify: I don't care that it's foreign -- I like that it's foreign -- I just think it's funny that the Canadian protection racket was accidentally extended to cover primarily American and Belgian megacorps.

Pietr said...

Just for the record, a lager is a bottom-fermented beer of any sort.
All the rest are top-fermented.

Tonight I am mostly drinking Tetley Bitter.
It's brewed in Leeds by the river Aire.