Sunday, March 19, 2006


The mayor of Mitchieville is back and Fenris Badwulf never left:

When I see people going to the dentist, it is better they go to a Diversity Dentist than they go to a Dentist with Ability. When people go to the Doctor, it is better they go to a Diversity Dentist, one who looks like they do (provided it is neither Christian, nor Heteronormative, nor White) and speaks as they do (as long as it is not English, but Ebonic, Patois, Slang, or any form of French) than they go to a Doctor with Ability. When I see a bus driver, I hope he got his position based on racial preference. If I see a woman performing some important task, I hope it is a drag queen or some form of employment equity promotion. Appearance is more important than Ability.

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Now, I don't have to go and find something new to aspire to as a blogger. All is well.