Sunday, February 19, 2006

Without religion all we have left is the supreme court

According to columnist Ted Byfield, those crazy Christian ladies at REALity magazine are claiming that "Judges in Canada are appointed because they or their law firms have paid large sums of money to the party in power, or have personally worked diligently for the party in power."

Who would have thought? I suspect in their religious zealousness they are simply jealous of the new oracle competing for absolute authority in Canada. All good citizens know that Canadian judges are beyond human frailty.

When a person is appointed to the bench, explained our chief justice [Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin in a lecture delivered last November in New Zealand], he or she acquires a unique wisdom and knowledge conferring an ability to determine with certainty how Canadians must live.

. . .

This person is no longer just a lawyer who backed the right party.

He is now a seer, an oracle, a clairvoyant with new powers and insights into the soul of the nation.

. . .

And there's a reason.

Every religion must have some kind of final, absolute, unimpeachable authority.

Christians find it in the Bible, or in the traditions of the church, or in both.

Official Canada has no religion any more, but it still requires this unassailable final voice, and must therefore endow the Supreme Court with this indispensable sanctity.

And who might these divine seers be?
When Irwin Cotler was Liberal minister of justice, the following became judges:

Michael Brown, Cotler's executive assistant and policy adviser.

Yves de Montigny, Cotler's chief of staff.

Randall Echlin, legal counsel to the Ontario Liberal party.

Rosalie Abella, named to the Supreme Court of Canada, wife of Cotler's close friend Irving Abella.

Marsha Erb, Alberta Liberal fundraiser and close friend of Alberta Liberal cabinet minister Anne McLellan.

John J. Gill, co-chair of the 2004 Alberta federal Liberal campaign.

Vital Ouellette, unsuccessful Liberal candidate in the 1997 and 2000 provincial elections.

Bryan Mahoney, Liberal candidate twice defeated by Calgary Tory Myron Thompson.

Edmond Blanchard, former Liberal minister of finance in New Brunswick.