Sunday, February 19, 2006

To print or not to print? The Strand takes a stand

To print or not to print? - Editorial

We won't be like other institutions. We will value the freedom to choose just as highly as that to express. And above all, we will try to the best of our abilities to reach out to the greatest possible audience we can, hopefully inspiring some discussion and critical thinking along the way.

You can see the cartoon we almost didn't publish below. In light of everything else, it seems pretty damn tame. Hell, those could be any two guys kissing! And who doesn't play tonsil hockey in the Tunnel of Love? As for the other ones, you can view them online, but only if you want to.


Honey Pot said...

hahahahahahaha, what will they do next? Holy infidel, the hit list is growing in leaps and bounds. The infidels are coming out the closet in droves.

basil said...

Is a "ho-Moe" picture of "the prophet" more offensive than any other image of the prophet?

Honey Pot said...

Why did they put a button on "the prophet's" back, with JC's hand lingering gently towards it? Do you think someone is trying to send them a message? Why is JC trying to pull off the "prophet's" bathrobe?