Monday, February 13, 2006

Reefer Meth

Although grow-ops and meth labs are notoriously difficult to identify from the outside, newly hired cops in Ontario are now required to participate in a mock drug raid so they can 'learn' about what's inside.

Making crystal meth is as easy as baking cookies, say officials at the Ontario Police College.

Identifying the homes where this dangerous practice is happening, however, isn't nearly as simple. But a 1,200-square-foot house unveiled yesterday at the police training facility is the province's newest tool to help officers track down "clandestine" meth labs.

Though the house, built at the college for $130,000, looks normal from the outside, its kitchen is teeming with the cold pills, contraptions and chemicals needed to make the deadly -- and highly addictive -- street drug.

[..] This kitchen, he says, is what they look like from the inside: Ground-up Sudafed pills in a blender, a scale, bottles of Drano and beakers filled with other chemicals needed for the three-hour cooking process.

"This truly sets the scenario," said college director Rudy Gheysen. "In the end, we will have better-trained police officers."

Anyone hired by an Ontario police force must train at the Aylmer facility before starting the job. About 400 of the 1,000 new officers promised by the provincial Liberals will have graduated by spring.

The house's bedrooms include three other simulations: A huge marijuana grow-op, a smaller pot operation inside a closet and an ecstasy lab.

About $100,000 was spent on equipment for the trainees, including full-body decontamination suits and about 50 oxygen tanks. The whole project was bankrolled by a grant from the Community Safety and Correctional Services Ministry.
I am really not surprised to read that Comrade Kwinter's ministry is doling out money for plastic marijuana plants and cold medication, but surely it would have cheaper to distribute a fact sheet? An outspoken advocate of state power, Kwinter has attempted to pass legislation granting greater powers to hydro and building inspectors to aggress against private property.