Friday, February 17, 2006

Raising horrible children

Why teach your children about real life when you can indoctrinate them into partisan political mythology marketing?

Kids want to know.
Kids need to know.
And it's up to you to tell them…

And your kids had better leave home as soon as they possibly can…

Guaranteed to turn your child into an insufferably self-righteous activist automaton, Why Mommy Is A Democrat is a new children's book written by Jeremy Zilber, a man who apparently actually believes what he's saying. Check out the sample pages and pay attention to the absurdly callous Republican fatcat figures in the background. Stereotyping your opponents as demonic inhuman caricatures is all fun and games in the political world, kids!

Robustly politically correct to the end, there is conspicuously no father figure in Why Mommy Is A Democrat. Remember, kids, traditional father and mother families may be suspect — that's why Jeremy Zilber is so gentle with your sensibilities by living with a partner instead of a wife or girlfriend.


Ayn Steyn said...

Pretty pathetic. I like how Mommy keeps the kiddies safe from the big bad GOP elephant stomping around. LOL.

Pietr said...

Where are the parodists when we need them?
Must we do everything ourselves?
Certainly, it ust be done and published.
Abusive humour is the one thing which brings out the pathologically sour hatred of these poseurs.

Anonymous said...

Quckly glancing over the letter blocks in the first picture, one subliminal expression I can see is "Act For Freedom", making unconsciously sugestions
the the unaware.

Honey Pot said...

I notice all the good guys are portrayed as squirrels, rodent like creatures. I think it is biased against the other animals in the world. What about daddy democrat? Is he too busy flavouring up his cigars to hang around with mommy squirrel and their two little nut collectors? Look at the sterotypical dress of the female and male offsping. What about the democrats cry of gender neutral everything? Why is the mouse made to sit on the block holding a block, and not engaging in play, with the nut gathering children? Why is the white woman in the picture carrying a monkey while her male companion is trying to pick up the bag lady on the bench? Why did they pick a white elephant as the enemy of squirrels? Methinks there is lots more to that story than meets the eye.

Gloria Steinem said...

What about daddy democrat?

Honey Pot:

What kind of archaic phallocentric world are you living in? We must liberate ourselves from the chains of our patriarchal roots; to do so, we must eliminate father figures and traditional family values altogether. We must hand our children over to Nurse Ratched who will swaddle them in anti-bacterial creams against the starched linen of her breasts.