Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The problem with pesticides is that they are not ambitious enough

Freedom is not a participant in any battle against tyranny. Tyranny exists materially in the use of force. Freedom, on the other hand, has no substantive form — freedom is literally nothing, the simple absence of tyranny. So far as a battle between the two can be described, it is a battle that cannot be won by the absence of one participant. And so, to those who value the imposition of obligations on others, something that has not yet been done will always remain something to be done. From the London Free Press:

The controversial and long-debated proposal to ban the cosmetic use of pesticides in London could soon return to city council.

The issue was referred to the environment and transportation committee's next meeting after it heard arguments from the industry and health experts last night.
It remains to be seen for how long the peaceful enjoyment and use of private property will be suffered by the official property managers — but I am not sanguine. Following the fashion of the times, city council is increasingly flattered by the untiring attentions of activists who are always eager to surrender their outrage to lend the appearance of moral authority to council's pretensions of managerial authority. For the activists, they will find another absence of tyranny to incur their outrage — there will always remain something else to be done.

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