Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Paul and Karla should have done it in the name of The Holy Keebler Elves

Peter Mackay, whose judgment is such that he is the former lover of Belinda Stronach, is now musing on censorship.

MacKay said those who published the images must have known they were risking people's safety. For safety's sake, he said media must accept certain limits on expression...

"Respecting people's freedom of expression (is important) -- but the danger here towards loss of life and violence clearly outweighs republication, in my view."
The message is clear to all, Canadian citizens and foreigners alike. To get special privileges in Canada, exhibit hateful rage, burn things, and murder people with complete psychopathic certainty that your victims have deserved it from the beginning of time. People like Peter MacKay, who believes in nothing beyond fucking over everybody else for a pension, are especially impressed by the mysterious power of this level of conviction -- at least, when it is grounded in absurd claims of "offence" to fictional characters.

Jim Whyte, in comments on the linked post, has a better idea:
The risk to our soldiers in Afghanistan will be most efficaciously reduced by putting rounds through the right foreheads. Then, and only then, should we talk about respecting other peoples' religious or cultural sensitivities.


v said...

I think Peter MacKay would make a fine leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

MapMaster said...

I am curious to see whether association with the Conservative Party of Canada will become, as Jay Jardine put it,

"a great clarifier in the same way the Republican government has in the US. It separates the ideological wheat from the chaff - those who talk about freedom and mean it"

Peter MacKay crossing the floor would be a good start.

Pietr said...

Nice post Mike.I especially appreciated the bit about the mysterious impression left by other's convictions.
Mr.MacKay will soon be howling at the moon unless someone holds his hand.