Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Olympic medals should be eliminated

One would have supposed that sports were competitive… moreover, that sports exist primarily as a venue for competition. No longer, it would seem, for a culture so advanced in the worship of egalitarianism that it regards superiority in any endeavour as some sort of unfortunate circumstance and simultaneously and contradictorily demands apologies and, hopefully, redress for prevailing in a competition between unfortunate and even more unfortunate circumstances. That this is coming from an American seems even more lamentable:

A member of the U.S. women’s hockey team says Canada’s lopsided wins to date at the Turin Olympics are not helping the sport. And defenceman Angela Ruggiero questions why the Canadian women put 16 goals past Italy and 12 past Russia.

"I'm upset that Canada has been running up the score, especially against the host nation. There was no need for that. They’re trying to pad their stats … Canada is running up the score for whatever reasons — personal, short-term." [emphasis added]
Hat tip to Darcey, who remarks: "I didn’t know they let liberals play hockey."