Monday, February 20, 2006

Liar, Liar, pants on fire

As if I needed any, more validation for saving my $1.75.

Via Nealenews, hypocrisy in action:

From the Red Star, Emerson February 19th:

"The truth of the matter is, when I came into politics I came in as a Paul Martin Liberal, I was not a political person," Emerson told CTV's Question Period on Sunday.

" I'm still not much of a political person, as perhaps you can now tell . . . . I'm not the sharpest political knife in the drawer, I quite freely admit that."

[..] But he continued to insist — as he has since he made the jump — that there's no need to resign his seat and face the voters a second time in a byelection.

"I made a decision that I thought was in the best interests of the people of the riding and the people of the province. I realize it may make some people angry, and it may be offensive to some people, but I stand by the decision."

[..] Emerson now says he ran "reluctantly" for a second term as a Grit and explains his partisan attacks on Harper as an example of the usual campaign rhetoric indulged in by all politicians.
Immediately after the defection, Emerson, quoted by CTV, February 6th:
"I fundamentally went through the thought processes many times over, and came to the conclusion I can be more helpful to the people of my riding, the people of my city, the people of my province and the people of my country doing this, as opposed to being in opposition and trying to become a powerful political partisan which I have never been," Emerson said.

Emerson said he originally entered politics at the behest of former prime minister Paul Martin. At that time he was not a Liberal, but decided to enter politics to serve the people of his riding.

He said he would have "absolutely" stayed on in Paul Martin's cabinet if the former PM had been re-elected.
If David "not sharpest political knife in the drawer" Emerson is so committed to representing his contituents honestly, then why isn't he sitting as an independent? If he is truly opposed to partisan politics, he should have ran as an independent in the first place. But Emerson requires power to "serve" the people in his riding, and independents don't receive party benefits nor cabinet positions. Emerson understands that to "win" it's best to deceive - by his own admission, he is not interested in opposing, but ruling and the most effective way to rule is to join the party holding the majority of the power.

Unfortunate perhaps, but inevitable, most voters base their vote on the competing parties rantings rather than on the particular merits of the candidate, so many voters who cast their lot with Liberal Emerson are no doubt angry. I have no sympathy with the voters in his riding however, nor in any other riding for that matter - honesty is not part of the game and picking your fav behind a ridiculous cardboard booth propped up on a makeshift support, along with other faceless voters, thus sealing your fate and that of your neighbours for a fixed but uncertain duration, is both irrational and unjust.