Wednesday, February 22, 2006

If ya don't have yer bylaw, ya can't have any pudding!
How can ya have any pudding if ya don't have yer bylaw?

To many, existence is apparently unconscionably precarious in the absence of a law or regulation. In response to the suggestion that the attempt to ban the cosmetic use of pesticides in London would soon be revisited by council, I wrote this:

Freedom is not a participant in any battle against tyranny. Tyranny exists materially in the use of force. Freedom, on the other hand, has no substantive form — freedom is literally nothing, the simple absence of tyranny. So far as a battle between the two can be described, it is a battle that cannot be won by the absence of one participant. And so, to those who value the imposition of obligations on others, something that has not yet been done will always remain something to be done.
Charging ahead just to prove the point is London councillor Bill Armstrong. From the London Free Press:
A London city councillor wants to renew the debate on banning pesticides — a move others see as futile. Coun. Bill Armstrong said last night he will try to get the issue on the agenda of Monday's meeting of the environment and transportation committee.

"We don't have a bylaw… The job isn't finished and we've got to get it finished."