Sunday, February 26, 2006

I won't stop typing until they lop off my hands

Mark Steyn:

Something very remarkable is happening around the globe and, if you want the short version, a Muslim demonstrator in Toronto the other day put it very well:

''We won't stop the protests until the world obeys Islamic law.''

Stated that baldly it sounds ridiculous. But, simply as a matter of fact, every year more and more of the world lives under Islamic law: Pakistan adopted Islamic law in 1977, Iran in 1979, Sudan in 1984. Four decades ago, Nigeria lived under English common law; now, half of it's in the grip of sharia, and the other half's feeling the squeeze, as the death toll from the cartoon jihad indicates. But just as telling is how swiftly the developed world has internalized an essentially Islamic perspective. In their pitiful coverage of the low-level intifada that's been going on in France for five years, the European press has been barely any less loopy than the Middle Eastern media.

What, in the end, are all these supposedly unconnected matters from Danish cartoons to the murder of a Dutch filmmaker to gender-segregated swimming sessions in French municipal pools about? Answer: sovereignty. Islam claims universal jurisdiction and always has. The only difference is that they're now acting upon it.

[..] Now in the cartoon jihad and other episodes, the restraints of Islamic law are being extended piecemeal to the advanced world, by intimidation and violence but also by the usual cooing promotion of a spurious multicultural "respect" by Bill Clinton, the United Church of Canada, European foreign ministers, etc.

The I'd-like-to-teach-the-world-to-sing-in-perfect-harmonee crowd have always spoken favorably of one-worldism. From the op-ed pages of Jutland newspapers to les banlieues of Paris, the Pan-Islamists are getting on with it.


Honey Pot said...

What has always amazed me is the western apologist for the Muslim violence would be the first ones to die. They honestly believe that their way of life is not threatened by the Muslim religion. They somehow believe that if they allow the Muslims to kill a couple of thousand infidels in the name of Allah, the Muslims will somehow be appeased, and go practise their backward religion of hate in peace.

Pietr said...

I'd just like to say that enlightenment-fueled American technology is now enabling me to load websites 40 times faster.
And, of course, the Islamists are having their hope that we will continue to 'make things work' under their domination, confirmed;this is due to backward and savagely cunning techniques that they have developed in their laboratories(Iran,Pakistan etc), for inculcating a 'sense' of duty to the cause that enables people to practise skills while adhering to the party line.
They hope to be more successful than the USSR since they don't adhere to any pretense of science.