Monday, February 6, 2006

A diseased culture

Modern statists everywhere attempt to limit consumption preferences and behaviours through bannings and taxation. Hysteria over the potentially harmful effects of cigarettes, trans-fats and drugs have resulted in unjust laws and legislation. We are told that we must be protected from ourselves, even if our choices cause no physical harm to another human being.

But not everyone who harms themselves is treated equally. In Britain, the leader in nanny state technology, some obvious forms of self-inflicted abuse are receiving the sanction of the medical establishment.

From the Sunday Times:

NURSES want patients who are intent on harming themselves to be provided with clean blades so that they can cut themselves more safely.
They say people determined to harm themselves should be helped to minimise the risk of infection from dirty blades, in the same way as drug addicts are issued with clean needles.

This could include giving the “self-harm” patients sterile blades and clean packets of bandages or ensuring that they keep their own blades clean. Nurses would also give patients advice about which parts of the body it is safer to cut.

The proposal for “safe” self-harm — which is to be debated at the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Congress in April — is likely to provoke controversy.

At present nurses are expected to stop anyone doing physical harm to themselves and to confiscate any sharp objects ranging from razor blades to broken glass and tin cans.

However, Ian Hulatt, mental health adviser for the RCN, said: “There is a clear comparison with giving clean needles to reduce HIV. We will be debating introducing a similar harm-reduction approach. This may well include the provision of clean dressing packs and it may mean providing clean ‘sharps’.

“Nurses who encounter individuals who self-harm on a regular basis face a dilemma. Do they go for prohibition? Or do we allow this to occur in a way that minimises harm?”
Ban it or fund it, depending on the cultural label attached to the behaviour. If you're 'lucky' enough to be considered 'diseased', your favoured vice will be tolerated and elavated to the status of approved self-harm.
The motion to be debated at the RCN Congress has been put forward by the mental health nursing forum, an RCN division. It states: “Safe self-harm — is it possible? That this meeting of the RCN Congress discusses the nurse’s role in enabling safe self-harm.”

According to proposers of the motion, some nurses already stay with patients while they harm themselves to ensure they do so as safely as possible. One, who declined to be named ahead of the debate, said: “There are some areas of Britain where they have already explored safe self-harm. We may not like someone self-harming, but they are going to do it whether we like it or not and we will need to deal with the problems afterwards.”
How about free cigarettes for the poor and government issue crack for addicts? Surely this will minimize violence in our cities.


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