Thursday, February 9, 2006

Children can be so cruel

According to the Free Press, London's chief administrative officer, Jeff Fielding, will ""quickly but prudently" implement the recommendations given Monday in retired justice Jeffrey Flinn's review of London's unfortunate human rights office. Who knows what he means by prudence, but given the history of prudence in city hall management, one should not expect too much from the qualifier except that it sounds reflective and reasonable enough for putting into a quickly forgotten blurb in the Free Press. But… "quickly!" Was the review ever meant to be an exercise in sound judgment and careful deliberation? Of course not — the speed with which Fielding and his spokesman Anne Marie DeCicco have praised and endorsed the recommendations as policy indicate that the purpose of the review was to cover a public relations fiasco with a very public search for what amount to enough public relations measures to put off the next blowup until after another election.

Coun. Susan Eagle, who led much of the push for change at city hall, said she's pleased with many of Flinn's recommendations, especially the emphasis on education and prevention.

"That ensures you don't have any incidents in the first place, rather than having to clean up after incidents occur," Eagle said.
If the city is employing staff who need to be told — sorry, educated — not to abuse and harass each other, the city is employing individuals with the pragmatic and ethical judgment of 8-year olds. Treating them as juveniles will not turn them into adults. Firing them, on the other hand, could do the trick…


Honey Pot said...

You got to admit, when they all put their heads together they can shovel shit well. It is a damn shame that the majority of Londoners are stupid, will eat that up like candy,and ask for more. It would be real funny if it wasn't costing the taxpayer so much money.

MapMaster said...

The nice thing about writing about London is that I never have to make anything up, I just take it straight from the Free Press. It's strange how these things strike people as reasonable when published on newsprint.

Honey Pot said...

It is strange that no one questions anything.It is if the free press was akin to the Koran, Torah and Holy Bible. I guess the reporters down there could be considered disciples.

Holy thundering Jesus.... I shouldn't of used that analogy. Nothing scarier than worrying about having god's soliders coming to the door wanting to chop my head off.

MapMaster said...

Not to worry, your beheading will receive ample sympathetic coverage from the London Fog, provided they don't find us first.

I wonder sometimes if most people actually do swallow everything in the Free Press or whether they just don't care enough to form a question or dissenting opinion, unlike us hyperinterested folks. Not that that's an agreeable state of affairs, either, because it pretty much gives our municipal government license to do just about anything it wants, as long as its accompanied by a receipt made out to the Free Press apologists.