Saturday, February 4, 2006

Buy some Lego today

Two German passenger ships, docked in Copenhagen’s port, were ready to ship approximately 5,000 Jews to Germany on their way to kz camp Theresienstadt. Buses were to take the remaining 2,500 ...

The word was passed and the Danes responded quickly, organizing a nationwide effort to smuggle the Jews by sea to neutral Sweden. The Danes dropped everything to help family members, neighbors, or friends and offered their support, conveying warnings and finding places for the Jews to hide. The Danes felt that persecution of minorities was a breach of Danish culture and they were not prepared to stand for it.

From all strata of Danish society and in all parts of the country, clergymen, civil servants, doctors, store owners, farmers, fishermen and teachers protected the Jews.


Pietr said...

Don't buy anything at all from French store Carrefour, however,as they have been boasting that they don't sell anything Danish.

Brent Gilliard said...

And the Germans killed millions of Jews, therefore we shouldn't buy German products today?

Pietr said...

Well, Protozoa, I don't know what that particular non-sequiteur is supposed to achieve, but I can definitely say that the French are stomach-turning in their desire to run away from this particular conflict.
I'm beginning to think that the jokes are true.
When the Germans start boasting that they killed millions of Jews,(for the sake of the Muslims),then I will make sure I own nothing German.
For now I drink plenty of loverly ARLA milk.

Brent Gilliard said...

'Protozoa,' how clever.

As far as the French are concerned, that's just capitalism. They can sell more stuff if they don't carry Danish products. Same as 'freedom fries' a few years ago in the States.

But that's not what I was concerned with when I made the comment. It just seems like shaky logic in supporting the Danes simply because some of their grandparents were on the side of good in WWII, because we don't condemn those whose grandparents were on the side of evil.