Thursday, February 9, 2006

$22 an hour to fill potholes

The potholes aren't getting filled in London either. Is something similiar going on in our pothole city?

CBC - Montreal:
City workers in the Montreal borough of Ville Marie are facing disciplinary action after an investigation showed it took 90 staff hours to fill nine potholes.

The 10 employees involved face disciplinary action.

Members of the city's internal investigation service secretly followed three work crews during their shifts last month. The workers, who earn about $22 per hour, were on a shift dedicated to filling potholes.

The investigation found one team spent six minutes of a nine-hour overnight shift fixing potholes. The team spent another 2.5 hours doing odd jobs and then filled the remainder of the shift at restaurants or at their home base.

On average, the three crews spent only one hour filling potholes.

Borough Mayor Benoît Labonté ordered the investigation after receiving what he says were hundreds of complaints from citizens about work not being done.
HT: Nealenews

The London Fog attempted to contact the human rights specialist in London for her reaction to this story, but she's still on stress leave, so we logically turned to the local diversity coordinator. Burpee Burr expressed some concerns about the treatment of the workers. She said that she wouldn't be surprised to learn that the workers were members of a stressed out minority group attempting to fit into their new culture. Burr also hoped that there was an investigative team in place to investigate the investigators, as well as a team in place to investigate the investigators investigating the investigators.