Sunday, January 8, 2006

You're weird

Ianism has infected me with the latest strand of parasitic virus targeting bloggers — in this case, the victim must identify five "weird" things about his or her self and tag five other bloggers. I will respond with the seriousness that the information to be conveyed demands:

  1. I consider myself to be so normal that my normalcy is unparalleled — all others are weird, to varying degrees;
  2. I can laugh uncontrollably at just about anything, and very often inappropriately — however, this is perfectly normal and any serious countenance I may present is simply to placate the societal norms of weirdos;
  3. I consider Carl Barks to be the greatest creative genius of the twentieth century;
  4. I read Ianism; and,
  5. I'm bothering to comply with this task.
With any luck, this will be the last occurrence of this particular meme. In other words, I won't be passing along the virus to anyone else.


Jason M said...

Wow... what a crank!

MapMaster said...

I considered that, but decided it wasn't weird either.