Monday, January 2, 2006

Yo peeps, jus' ringin' in da New Year Gundon style

Wow, I thought those were fire crackers - or, at worst, perhaps a good natured multi-cultural celebration from some Palestinians celebrating Sharon's ailing health on the cusp of a new year with a traditional firing of a round of ammunition.

I never even thought to bring a heater to my New Year's party - it was such a mild night.

But then, I was included in an invitation to a party and not made to feel marginalized. Perhaps the perpetrators were recently arrived Canadians who were made to feel nervous and threatened by all the excitment and boisterous crowds during the night's festivities in this strange new country.

Police were called to Dundas Street near Richmond Street about 3:30 a.m., as New Year's Eve partying wound down, after someone heard gunshots outside Rum Runners bar.
Gee whiz, with a name like Rum Runners one certainly wouldn't expect any gangsta-types to hang around. I wonder what kind of crime will surface 100 years from now when pubs are named Crack Dealers. This shooting is sure to be a real blessing for Rum Runners business - I had never heard of this bar before and now I know where to go to mix with like minded gun-totting maginalized friends - me and my hommies just never felt fully intergrated into the whole Chaucer's scene.

Happy New y'all!