Sunday, January 1, 2006

Withdraw your South America investment funds

Colby Cosh:

I will give Chavez supporters the same advice that their Maoist fathers and Stalinist grandfathers ignored: you can save yourselves a couple of decades by being ashamed of yourselves right this minute.
Evo Morales, president of Bolivia:
Most importantly, we face the task of ending selfishness and individualism, and creating from the rural campesino and indigenous communities to the urban slums other forms of living, based on solidarity and mutual aid. We must think about how to redistribute the wealth that is concentrated among few hands. This is the great task we Bolivian people face after this great uprising.


Pietr said...

Fuck that.
We free people 'ended' Communism in the 80s, but the 'powers that be' have been so busy trying to stuff us back into our box, they are actually quite happy
to hear the Communist Call.
The 'collapse' was only a bluff anyway.They shot Ceausescu and 6 months later it was all back under Ilionescu.

Daniel said...

One more reason to choose your own companies. That way you can stay with the good (e.g., CIB) while avoiding the pinko lemmings.

Those Bolivians would've been a helluva lot smarter to elect Colby Cosh than Evo Morales...

Now that the holidays are over, I'll get to e-mailing you soon. Thanks for your last letter, and I hope you weren't expecting a response prior to the festivities (or in their immediate aftermath)!

MapMaster said...

There's never any hurry at the London Fog. Looking forward to your email!