Monday, January 2, 2006

Will Paul Martin rule forever, just like Kim Il-sung?

Andrew Coyne points out a new political game entitled "Prime Minister Forever Canada 2006", and its only $18.95 CDN:
Stephen Harper, Gilles Duceppe and Jack Layton believe Canadians want change - and hope voters want it enough to forgive a holiday election campaign.

Will their gamble pay off? Or will Paul Martin overcome the Gomery report on sponsorship scandal and regain a Liberal majority? Take the reigns of an election that will decide political futures.

Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2006 is a totally rebuilt version of the most in-depth, intense parliamentary election game ever made.

Strategy is done not only by province but down to the individual riding (308 of 'em), each with the relevant candidates, ratings, and percentages.

This new release includes a greatly expanded number of scenarios, parties and candidates allowing dizzying number of options right out of the box – with almost 3,000 candidates in total.


EclectEcon said...

As of now, it looks as if Martin won't get a majority; it also looks as if the unholy Lib-NDP alliance will not have enough seats to form a minority gubmnt, though the betting changes from minute to minute. See the UBC futures market here:

We could be in for a some political chaos ...

Pietr said...

The only reason the orchestra in the picture isn't chewing it's intruments and boiling the white blouses into soup is the threat of death by firing squad.