Monday, January 2, 2006

Well, somebody's lying

From The Red Star:

Finance Minister Ralph Goodale is trying to get Paul Martin out of the line of fire in the income trust controversy as the Liberals and other parties revive their full-scale election campaigns today.

Martin acknowledged on Friday that as Prime Minister he was privy to the decision-making in advance of the income trust announcement by the finance department on Nov. 23.

[..] "And my last conversation with him (before the announcement), we were not at a final decision-making point," Goodale explained.

"And his comment to me was, `You're the minister of finance, you make the decision and I'll support your decision whatever it may turn out to be.'
From the CBC:
Martin, who spoke following a campaign stop at a Montreal-area mosque, said he was one of a number of people in the PMO who were informed of the decision before it was made public.

"I knew and I'm one of them. The fact is, that the people who would be on a need-to-know basis would have that information," said Martin.

When asked if the alleged leak could have come from the PMO, the prime minister didn't give a direct answer.

"The fact is we are dealing with opposition allegations. And that's all we are dealing with. Opposition allegations during an election campaign," said Martin. "The RCMP obviously have a responsibility to follow up on matters such as this. That's their job."

Martin said he believes the spike in trading is simply a reflection of how markets operate.