Thursday, January 19, 2006

There's a nanny state near you

With banal moralizations on their lips, contempt in their hearts, and a ballot in their hands, do-gooders have turned local governments into social laboratories of regulatory and expropriatory constriction of the individual's sphere of action and property. And, we have to subsidize the sinecures of not a few of them to lend their creed the authority of lobbyists. From the Seattle Weekly:

You hear all kinds of hyperbole from the lips of nanny statists these days. In Seattle, it ties in nicely with the city's long tradition of hyperearnest citizens, people the critic H.L. Mencken called "uplifters." Those are the folks who "know" what's good for everyone else and have no tolerance for anything they consider against the rules of clean living. They seek to ban whatever activity they don't like.
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