Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Racism and sexism at home and abroad

London, Ontario:

Jeff Fielding, the city's chief administrator, said that five-year-old study (of the racial characteristics of city employees) will be updated and staff will consult interested groups, including the London diversity and race relations advisory committee. He said he suspects the number of visible minorities working for the city is relatively unchanged from the previous study.

City hall, he said, should reflect the city's demographic.
Occupied Norway:
Norway's top companies face being shut over the next two years unless they appoint many more women to their boards, the country's government has warned.

The shot across the bows of the more than 500 firms listed on Norway's stock exchange is a radical attempt to try and help more women reach board-level positions.

Norwegian companies have two years to ensure women hold 40 per cent of the seats of each company listed on the Oslo bourse.

Norwegian equality minister Karita Bekkemellem told The Guardian: "From January 1, 2006, I want to put in place a system of sanctions that will allow the closure of firms.

"I do not want to wait another 20 or 30 years for men with enough intelligence to finally appoint women.

"More than half of the people who have a business education today are women. It is wrong for companies not to use them. They should be represented," she added.


Phronk said...

Hey cool, I think I agree with The London Fog for once. This stuff is dumb. Fighting "sexism" with sexism isn't gonna help anybody.

(Although it's hard to tell what position the bloggers take here, sometimes...come on, expand on WHY this is racism/sexism. People like me, who know nothing about politics, current events, or basic logic, need things spelled out for us.)

basil said...

You cannot be hired because you are a white male. That both racist and sexist.