Friday, January 13, 2006

Potholes wreck havoc in London Ontario

London is maintaining its reputation as having some of the worst roads in the Province.

Image from LFP

From today's LFP:
London police were baffled yesterday by a string of serious car crashes within seven hours that sent people to hospital and snarled traffic.

With dry pavement, clear visibility and no rain or snow, police were stumped why there were so many crashes, including three in which the vehicles rolled over.

[..] The day's first three crashes happened within metres and hours of each other.

A pickup truck was sent sliding upside-down into the back of a city bus after it collided with a car at the intersection of Wellington and Commissioners roads about 10 a.m., police said.

[..] Less than three hours later, at the same intersection, a woman suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital after her car collided with a van, police said.

[..] A third collision, about 3 p.m., happened only a block away from the first two.

A pickup truck hit a traffic light and flipped over at Wellington Road and Base Line Road about 3 p.m., police said.

"It almost went into the Tim Hortons," a London police officer said.

[..] Police speculated that the high volume of traffic on Wellington Road may have been a factor in the multiple crashes.

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The Mayor said...

I am astounded at your arrogance and over weening pride. Certainly, the Town of Erin has the largest potholes, and has done so for some decades.

Erin boasts the largest number of miles of surviving corduroy roads and a municipal works department that is completely related to each other. Potholes, nepotism, and antique roadbuilding go hand in hand in Erin.