Monday, January 23, 2006

Political Parties' Hidden Agendas

Mondo Politico today announces the 2006 Guide to Canada's Federal Political Parties, available online, in pdf format here.

"This guide is designed for those Canadians who are looking for a single, convenient summary of what each political party is like", says the guide's author, Paul McKeever. "I say like because this guide is not a summary of each political party’s 2006 election platform.

"Sometimes, the messenger is the real message. The intent of this guide is to pull away some of the packaging in which political parties might try to conceal their true nature and agendas for public consumption during election periods. You will here find out more about the character and ideologies of the parties than about their current election promises."

Mondo Politico's guide is free. "Free is $1.75 less than the annual cost of a ballot in Canadian federal elections" adds McKeever, who says he wishes those prices were the other way around. "To say the least, these are strange days indeed. It now costs more to vote than to find out about what you are voting for."