Thursday, January 19, 2006

No tiers, unless you sleep with George Smitherman

The nice thing about having sex with Ontario Health Minister George Slitherman is that you're guaranteed to receive the very best health care that taxpayers can be fleeced to provide.

George Smitherman, Ontario's health minister, says he and his partner Christopher Peloso may move up their wedding date if Mr. Harper wins the federal election on Monday. The couple is now considering getting hitched this year, which is earlier than originally planned.

"The reality is for some Canadians who currently possess certain rights, these rights seem to be less certain -- put at risk -- by a Harper election...," Mr. Smitherman said before a cabinet meeting.
Yes, yes, it makes perfect sense that two people of the same sex can get married, while at the same people who need an operation in time to save their lives have to wait in line behind Slitherman's man-wife unless they can find a surgeon willing to risk jail time by working outside of Slitherman's monopoly. Hooray for rights.

The pain and uncertainty of waiting for life-saving procedures is tempered by the knowledge that somewhere, someone is celebrating the holy transsubstantiation of apples into oranges by force of law.


Anonymous said...

I'm voting for the party..(have always been a staunch Liberal)BUT NOT THE MAN. SMITHERMAN has ignored my numerous letters and e-mails concerning the plight of certain diabetics...
This past week, of October 1,2007, at a group meeting, he proffed ignorance of a new MS drug that is available in Quebec (free of charge) and 3 thousand dollars a month in Ontario. He threw a hissy fit on stage when he was goaded on by the questioner. The Party, yes, Smitherman NO....

Anonymous said...

The Liberal Party YES