Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Moral clarity among Red Tories

The "Conservative" faction of Ontario's Socialist Party with a clarion call for public order and peace. (HT: P.McK).

Asked whether welfare and other steep spending cuts by the previous Progressive Conservative government helped set the stage for increasing gun violence, Tory acknowledged they might have been a factor.

"I think everybody has to shoulder their share of the blame for this," he said. "But the bottom line is you just can't let things stay the way they are."
"Things staying the way they are" includes a chorus line of idiots like John Tory bending over backwards to avoid placing the blame for crimes on the only people who are ever to blame for them. (I shouldn't have to tell you that that would be the particular criminals themselves, but these days you never know.)

Things will stay the way they are as long as governments insist on making cocaine a hugely profitable black market drug, thus creating glamorous, high-paying jobs for violent animals to make war on each other to control its distribution.

Meanwhile, our police should be using necessary and satisfying levels of force to remove the animals who have shot, shoot, and will shoot, because that is the only place blame lies.


Anonymous said...

Damn that John Tory, he's so wishy-washy. Bill Davis would've created four new government departments and doubled the size of all the other departments, and then he woulda given 'em all government jobs. Now there's a real leader.

Paul McKeever said...

Just a point of clarification: the URL for your "P.McK." link in this story should be www.paulmckeever.ca, not www.mckeever.org . I am not associated with the mckeever.org site.


Paul McKeever
Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario

Mike said...

Ooops, sorry about that, Paul!


MapMaster said...

Noted and changed. Thank you for pointing out the mistake.